Pax pro tempro


The rumblings of the end of peace...

The characters are veterans of the Last War, their stories are some known to only a few and their allegiances as well as their motives are at best fleeting. There is Valen Whisperwind, a thrall of Thrane and the Silver Flame, Dieter Kolokuugar, mighty warrior of the Dwarven mountaintops, Magister Bertrand of Arcanis, Sampson Abraham, vanguard of men, and the lonely demon-spawned Edmund Berkshire, orphan of Sharn.

This fellowship met under dubious circumstances in Sharn. They all had ulterior motives for joining together but through camaraderie and the musings of a few old men they found a true unifying goal. That goal was simple, they all were now part of a courier corporation and had to deliver goods to various locals in Sharn. Some of these men were of somewhat disreputable reports.

One man of such tastes was James Paine III, known to the local toughs in the ghetto he ran as good ole Jimmy Paines. The group came away from the meeting with Jimmy with another goal, to bring the drug lord and his illegal operation down. But first they would have to make their final delivery.

The group made there way deeper into the depths of Sharn to the home of Briggs Freeman, a goblin magic cooper. The goblin, however, had been assassinated for unknown reasons and the wayward assassin now threatened to kill our group of heroes. An assault followed and the group faced a two-fold threat, death from within or a race riot in Lower Dura from outside!



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